GTAB is run purely by the generousity of members and companies who give and participate in our annual fundraiser efforts. Typically, GTAB hosts four fundraisers a year. These activities change slightly with updates in the community and committee efforts/ideas. 

For the 2020 and 2021 school years, these activities were held virtually.  However, we believe in community and coming together as an organization to support our students in-person whenever that is possible.  We look forward to hosting both virtual and in-person events when the community and school district are open to those events. 

In addition to fundraiser activities, GTAB is also funded by purchases through our store and membership dues. 

Roast Turkey


GTAB partners with Boar's Head to sell hams and turkeys during the holidays. 

  • November (in time for Thanksgiving)

  • December (in time for winter holidays)



The auction and dinner are typically in December or January and involve bidding on items, baskets, and activities that are sponsored by each of our classrooms. The bidding can get intense for some fo our activities. If you are interested in donating an item, please reach out to our auction chairs. 

A Cloud of Color


The color blast run is an in-person event held in the Spring.  This is a joint effort event sponsored by GTAB and the PTA. Students and families run through colorful chalk and have a grand time. 

Quilted Pillow


Each year our students at Sablatura Middle School take part in creating a quilt as a part of their TPSP projects. The quilts are then presented and you can bid on the quilts to take one home. This is a special project that instills life-skills, research, and presentation skills for our students.

Funded Activities

Empty Classroom


total pending

  • $2900 Stippend for Club Sponsors

  • $620 Summer teacher training ( Beicker. VanderWoulde. Hart)

  • $359.28 GimKits

New Year Celebration


2,965 total

  • $1170 Texas Association for the Gifted Training (Pearland Junior High West  School Teachers)

  • $750 Texas Association for the Gifted Training ( Sablatura Middle School Teachers)

  • $500 for 7th and 8th Grade students to attend A Christmas Carol

  • $225 New Chess Boards

  • $210 Ms. Owens Mini Courses

  • $180 Author's Visit at Pearland Junior High West

  • $100 Kroger Flowers



9,242 total

  • $5,000 for Flexible Seating (Tables and Chairs)

  • $1,000 for Yard Signs for GTA Graduating 8th Graders

  • $600 for Weebly Education Accounts

  • $600 for Personal Protective Equipment

  • $500 for Quiz Bowl Resource Books

  • $358 for Green Screens

  • $300 for Teacher Power Strip Stands

  • $300 for TAGT Shirts for Teachers

  • $235 for 40 Stargirl Novels

  • $200 for USB Hub Splitters for 22 Teachers

  • $200 for Edpuzzle Pro subscription for 2 Teachers

  • $180 (total) for Gimkit Subscriptions for 3 Teachers

  • $122 for TMSCA Tournament Snacks

  • $99 Glogster Account

  • $52 for Various Books

  • $46 for Pizzas and Snacks for Teacher Experience Auction

  • $25 Questioning Cards

  • $25 Depth & Complexity Posters

Laptop and Stationery


11,568 total

  • Nine Laptops $4,566

  • Quilt Supplies and Sewing Machines $890

  • Bus Transport to/from Shakespeare Play $800

  • Headphones $337

  • Electric Pencil Sharpeners $262

  • Brain Breaks Robes for Harry Potter $225

  • Drones $620

  • Stop Motion Mini Course $239

  • Bean Bags $140

  • Quiz Bowl Resource Books $242

  • 35 Books - Number the Stars $203

  • Mini Course Dissection at Texas A&M Galveston $525

  • Storyteller Mini Course $50

  • GIMIK Mini Course $60

  • Henna International Festival Materials $39

  • TAGT Books for Teachers $92

  • TAGT Leadership Conference $305

  • Mini Course Horticulture $100

  • Pocket Charts for Mrs Mueller $75

  • Human Body Anatomy $43

  • Robot Parts $452

  •  Other Brain Breaks Supplies $43

  • TMSCA Tests $200

  • New Teacher Supplies $246

  • Brain Breaks Rubik's Cubes $112

  • Science Lab Supplies $188

  • Book Club Books $375

  • Hula Hoops $43

  • Microsoft Epic Winners Dessert $35

  • Sundance Yoga Mini Course $125

  • Fetal Pigs for Dissection $426