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We are always looking for generous volunteers to support our committes: 
Spirit Wear, Winter Hoopla, Color Run, Community Giving

The GT Academy Booster Club is a fully volunteer-run organization led by elected board members and volunteer Committee Chair members. All Board and Committee Chair members serve for one year and are able to run again or volunteer again if desired. 

To serve on the Board or on a Committee, members must meet the following criteria: 

  • Be an active GTAB member

  • Paid dues for the current school year

  • Be willing to participate in monthly meetings 

  • Understand we are all volunteers

  • Be respectful of each other 

2023-24 Board Members

The Board is elected every year in April.  If you are interested in running for a position, please use the form below or reach out to an active board member. 

Thank you for volunteering to lead our incredible organization!

President: Melissa Bennett

Vice President: Stephanie Duncan

Treasurer: Victoria Tran

Secretary: Renee Rogers-Platt

Communications & Webmaster: Dorthy Hirsh

2023-24 Committee Chairs

  • Spirit Wear Chair: Kristal Nutt, Carly Turner, Anita Kunjumon 

  • Community Giving: Ivy Kusy

  • Community Service Chair: Kimberly Samuels

  • Color Blast Chair: Ericka Pulido Lemuz

  • Silent Auction/Winter Hoopla Chair: April Teaff

  • Ham/Turkey Sales Chair: Amanda Almoney

  • Hospitality - Sablatura: Theresa Rivera

  • Hospitality - West: Kokila Katyal

  • Membership Chair: Tia Youngblood

  • Quilt Auction Chair: Lara Lanier



The president is responsible for running the monthly GTAB meetings, reviewing the budget, and ensuring funding needs are met when requested. They are the main point of contact for communicating with the GT Specialists.



The VP position is responsible for running the monthly GTAB meetings when the President is unable. Additionally, the VP is a signatory on the GTAB bank account and a part of executive decisions regarding funding and policies.



The treasurer is responsible for the finances and reviewing the bank account information for GTAB. They are responsible for reconciling the accounting to ensure we are compliant. Additionally, they prepare and submit tax information and participate in the annual audit.



The secretary is responsible for writing and distributing the meeting notes from the monthly GTAB meetings. They are also responsible for communicating funding request approvals from the meetings to the President and VP.



The communications chair is responsible for managing the GTAB website, and social media accounts, and ensuring the monthly newsletter is distributed. They are also responsible for distributing fliers for social events and fundraisers.

Committee chairs

Spirt Wear

Plan, promote, organize, distribute, set up purchasing website and inventory spirit wear (e.g., shirts, sweatshirts, yard signs). Work includes inventory, sales, and distribution throughout the year, new designs are always appreciated.

Primary work done in: August/September

Color Blast Run 

Liaison with the PTA at PJHW and organize the fundraising, shirts, chalk, publicity, course design, DJ, obstacle courses, games, etc. - lead for this event alternates between GTAB and West PTA every year. GTAB leads on in the even years and supports in odd years.

Event held in March

Primary work in February/March

Hospitality (west & Sab) 

Treat GTA faculty and staff to special treats throughout the year.  We plan something for the teachers each month.  Some examples include: Soup lunch, charcuterie board lunches, quilting supply kits, stock the fridge, etc. 

Work done on going basis throughout the school year

Community giving

Community Donations Chair reaches out to companies and foundations in the community for donations. Solicit funds from local businesses with Pearland ISD boundaries for donations and in-kind gifts. They also solicit donations from large corporations based on GTA needs and research matching programs for member donations.

Primary work done in: November/February

Winter Hoopla

Organize the primary GTAB fundraiser. This includes working with teachers and the community to gain items for the auction. This chair is supported by other committee members and staff from GTA.

Event held in February

Primary work in December- February


Organize the GTAB membership drive and report out on membership and donation levels 

Present at the 5th grade gathering, support schedule pickup days, and run a membership drive. 

Work primarily in August/September

Community Service 

Organize volunteers and plan a safe event to help others in our Pearland community. Previous year's students have participated in stocking stuffers for the Pearland Neighborhood Center, sock drives, creating crafts for Texas Childrens Hospital.

Two events per year: one in Fall and one in Spring

Ham/Turkey Sales 

Work with Boar's Head on a Ham/Turkey promotion. Send out flyers, publicize it on Social Media, help hand out the hams and turkeys at the school.

Sold in November and December

Quilt Auction 

Help coordinate 5th grade classroom volunteers, organize and run the online auction at the GTA Showcase to auction off the quilts.

Help support and set up the quilt auction for the TPSP showcase for 5th grade. 

Event in May

Work primarily in April/May

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